Are you looking to invest beyond basic instruments like stocks and bonds, but you are too small for the best alternative funds? Are you overwhelmed with all the work to find alternative assets, and review and complete lengthy subscription documents in hard copy? Are you looking for a platform that gives you easy online access to exciting alternative investment strategies that you can trade on your smartphone? Look no further than

BlockBerry Wealth Management is the next-generation alternative investments wealth management developed by Bitspread

BlockBerry Wealth Management is designed to provide a smooth, user-friendly process for professional investors looking to invest in an exclusive universe of alternative funds. Users of BlockBerry Wealth Management can deposit fiat or cryptocurrency with BlockBerry’s regulated custodians. The account holder can then subscribe directly into BitSpread and Third Party investment funds on a “click-through” basis. BlockBerry has also developed a programme which will allow certain of its investment funds to be converted, at the option of the holder, into BlockBerry Investment Tokens. Those tokens are expected to be listed on one or more exchanges, providing the potential for more immediate secondary trading liquidity that would NOT be available through a normal fund redemption process.

The Universe of BlockBerry Wealth Management

The Universe of BlockBerry Wealth Management

Key Benefits


One time only onboarding and steamlined AML/KYC process to access the entire range of alternative investments

Funds subscription and redemption with a single click

Same-day funds liquidity through tokenisation

Private Investment Members Club

Lightning opportunity conversion through single click fund subscription for your investor members

Presenting exclusive Alternative Investments to your investor members

Additional secondary liquidity via BlockBerry Investment Tokens for all investment club members

Earn referral benefits

Investment Managers

Access to capital

Aggregator model where you face only one investor

No cost to join

Executive Team

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